It's that time of year again! Ah, how we love Spring Break around here. What's not to love about college girls getting drunk and naked on one of the hottest party lakes in the country! And, on top of that, we always host a big Spring Break party here at our house, complete with a Wet T-Shirt contest and lots of girls-gone-wild type action! Our resident slut, Oasis, loves Spring Break because she can get nuts (pun intended) on the lake and hook up with all the young college guys. She's not afraid to suck and fuck right out on the boats in front of the entire canyon! It's one of our favorite times of the year and you're invited! Take a look at some of the previous Spring Break photos we've taken...

That's just the action out on the lake. Check out some of these photos from our House Party that we host every Spring Break:

As you can see, our House Parties are generally pretty fuck-filled. Our slut can't help herself and we don't let her stop until everyone is done! A lot of times the other girls are quite active at the parties, but we never know who is going to show up and never like to say who will or won't be participating. But we always know our slut, Oasis, will be the party fuck-toy!

Special Guests: We've got a special treat for our upcoming Spring Break party. We've got it confirmed that Oasis, Kacey, Alanna, Cathy, and Topless April are going to attend our party! If you don't know who they are, just check out the following photos to get a glimpse! We've partied with all of them before and they're a fuckload of fun. We can't wait! This is now a party you DO NOT want to miss!


OK. You've see the photos...and now you're interested in the party. What next? If you and/or a group of friends are coming to Lake Havasu and would like to fuck the shit out of our slut, drop us an email or fill out the Stud Application at the bottom of the page. The House Party will be scheduled for Saturday, March 17th at 8pm. The House Party is open to all couples & single females and is open to select single males (with priority given to guys who can be in photos/film with our slut, Oasis.) Couples attending the party are not required in any way to participate in anything, nor do they have to appear on film. Couples are welcome to party to whatever degree they are comfortable with. The House Party is completely free and we do not accept donations of any kind.

If you are a single male who would like to attend the house party, please go read and fill out Oasis' Video Participation form.

If you are a couple and would like to attend, just drop us an email at

The Boat. There's another way you can get involved in our Spring Break plans as well. On the weekend of March 17th & 18th we will be renting a pontoon boat to party it up out at Copper Canyon. We are looking for people who would like to go in on the rental with us. Usually we get a boat big enough for around 10 people and it winds up being around $100 per person for the entire weekend. The price only includes your spot on the boat, it does not include beer, munchies or sex with any of the girls on the boat. As with the party, priority is given to couples first and then to guys who can be on photos/film with the slut, Oasis. If you're interested in more details on the boat, email us and let us know.


As you've probably read, Oasis is bareback only. She is not allowed to use condoms for our parties and that includes these Spring Break parties. Guys are also allowed to cum anywhere they want with her. We tell guys they can cum anywhere on her or fill her pussy full of cum. And, for most events, you're more than welcome to cum two, three, however many times you want in or on our slut. Other girls at the party will have their own condom & cum rules, so make sure you ask before you assume. As with any adult themed party, just because a girl is there does not mean you get to have sex with her. If you're cleared to attend the party to be on film with Oasis that means you're only cleared to fuck Oasis. That doesn't mean the other girls aren't interested in having sex with you, but it means you'll have to ask. No means No. If you are not friendly to any of the girls at the party you'll be asked to leave. Most of the girls will be here with dates, husbands, boyfriends, etc. Generally it is a good idea to approach both parties when interested in having sex with the girl. We will have other Webgirls here at the party who will be getting involved in the photo/filming. We know that Kinky Kacey, Alanna and Cathy will be here filming and we know that all of them are bareback only sluts.

We are looking for more guys! Yes, you heard that right. We are always looking for more guys to join us. These events aren't worth a damn unless we get plenty of guys there to fuck the shit out of the sluts! We're looking for every day Joes who just wanna get a piece. While we do look for fit, camera friendly guys, you don't have to be a male model by any means. Just clean cut, nice, non-pushy and height/weight proportioned! We film all of these events for our website so all guys must be OK with signing model releases.

Time is running out to get an invite to this. If you wish to join in, drop us an email at or the best way to apply is to go fill out Oasis' Video Application.

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