SlutQuest 2006 begins June 12th and YOU can be a part of it! We're hosting parties in 10 cities this year (our biggest SlutQuest Tour ever!) The cities are Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Richmond, D.C., NYC, Montreal and Boston! We are looking for guys, girls and couples to join us for our parties that we'll be hosting in those cities! We'll be doing meet & greets in bars and then doing after-bar parties in our hotel rooms (or private homes if anyone wants to volunteer their home for a party) Most of these parties will be small gangbangs of our resident slut, Oasis. At present we have a couple of webgirls who are talking about joining us along the way but right now we can only promise that Oasis will be at all the parties. We will know more as we get closer to our tour dates. We're also doing our "Quest Items" that we did last year. If you're unfamiliar with previous SlutQuest Tours, follow the links below where we post our previous numbers. More details for each city are coming soon. If you're interested in joining in, go check out Oasis' rules and such and fill out her Video Participation Application and let her know you want to meet up on this SlutQuest Tour.

Our Current Location: HOME!

  SlutQuest Trip 2006     Guys Fucked: 12 - Sucked: 22     Cumshots   On/In Her: 20 

The following scorecards are the amount of guys our slut, Oasis, went through on the trips. We had mixed turnouts in different cities, but we had a fucking blast both trips! Look for her to shatter these numbers for this year's Tour as we hit up 10 different cities! To see where we were in 2004 and 2005 just click on the yellow text below:

  SlutQuest Trip 2004     Guys Fucked: 17 - Sucked: 28     Cumshots   Not Counted 

  SlutQuest Trip 2005     Guys Fucked: 10 - Sucked: 15     Cumshots   On/In Her: 11  

The following is the list of cities we will be hosting parties in on the 2006 Tour. We will be listing full details of when/where as we make them ourselves. Stay tuned and be sure to let us know if you'd like to meet us on any of these stops. If you have any questions about addresses of any of our meet locations, let us know. Also let us know if there are multiple locations and we don't specify which.

NOTE ON MEETING US: Anyone is welcome to attend the bar meet portion of our evening at any of these location. The reason we meet at public bars is so anyone can come out, say hi, grab a drink, and hang out. We do not do sexual or adult-natured activity at any of these bars. We are there to meet & greet with people and nothing else. Do not come expecting our slut to give blowjobs at the bar. It won't happen. We will likely be at each of these bars 2-3 hours. At that point we will be leaving the bar and heading back to a private location. Only those who have been previously invited are welcome to come back with us. If you're interested in shooting and/or partying with us at any after-bar party, you must contact us and get a personal invitation.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl  -  June 12th  -   Meet Location: Bongo Limbo Sports Bar

We finally picked a place and we chose to go to Ft. Lauderdale instead of Miami. Hopefully, this won't be too far a drive for those of you located in Miami itself. We got a smokin' deal on a hotel and the bar we're meeting at is just right up the street and appeared to be really fun. We will meet at 7pm at the bar and then likely leave to do our hotel party around 9pm. We arrive in Miami at 7am that morning. Suggestions during the day?

Clearwater, Fl   -   June 13th   -    Meet Location: Shephard's Tiki Bar

For those of you who don't remember, Oasis used to live in the Tampa area. So we're really expecting a good turnout as a sort of reunion stop of the tour. And, as in the change in Miami, we've decided to go with Clearwater instead of Tampa itself. We loved Shephard's when we lived there and couldn't resist going back to a beach bar! We will be meeting at Shephard's at 7pm and hosting our after-party around 9ish.

Jacksonville, Fl  - June 14th - Meet Location: Ragtime Taproom & Brewery

We don't know Jacksonville at all but this place looked pretty fun, so that's how we picked it! We think it's right on the beach area and it says it has a Mardi Gras/New Orleans kind of feel! It's in the Atlantic Beach area. We will be meeting there at 7pm and staying for a couple of hours before heading to our private party location. We don't have a big turnout for Jacksonville, so be sure to show up and spend some quality time with the slut!

Atlanta, Ga   -    June 15th    -    Meet Location: Mike 'N Angelo's

It's been almost 7 years since we've been to Atlanta. We've partied there several times, mostly in the Buckhead (I think that's right) area. The last time we were there we had a good time and partied with guests and did some naked twister with Gijit & Oasis. But this time we really want to gangbang the shit out of Oasis. We are no longer teaming up with Whoisnexxxt for this party. It will just be our slut...and all of you!

Charlotte, NC   -    June 16th    -    Meet Location: South End Brewery

And it's been 6 years since we were last in Charlotte. We met up with Gijit and another webgirl at the bar and then we went back to our hotel with Oasis & Gijit. Gijit mostly just hung out while the guys took turns fucking Oasis. We think we're hooking up with another webgirl named Faith while we're in Charlotte, but we're not sure. We are sure that we'll all be taking turns fucking Oasis again, though! So come on out and take your turn!

Richmond, VA   -    June 17th    -    Meet Location: Buffalo Wild Wings

We've never partied in Richmond, so we have no idea what to expect here. Originally, we were only going to stop in Richmond because some guy was throwing a bachelor party and he wanted to use our slut, Oasis, as the fucktoy for the party. But now we haven't heard back from him so we're just going to be meeting at a bar and then going back to our hotel to fuck Oasis all night. The Buffalo Wild Wings is the one on Broad St.

Richmond Update: We're here! We haven't been able to update any of the other locations because our laptop died. We got a new laptop but are still struggling with getting software and other important files on here. We have been having a great time on the trip and we'll get more updates done as soon as we get more time. Meanwhile, see you all at Buffalo Wild Wings tonite!

Springfield, VA.   -    June 19th    -    Meet Location: Kilroy's

As you can see, there's a break in the action between Richmond & D.C. That's because we're spending two days in D.C. and are spending the first day doing non-website related stuff with old friends. If you knew us way back when and would like to spend some time with us on the 18th, let us know. On the 19th we will be hosting an old-skool, get drunk and bang the shit out Oasis party. We're meeting at the Kilroy's in Springfield.

NYC, NY   -    June 20th    -    Meet Location: Turtle Bay Grill & Lounge

OK, we finally found a place that we're happy with in NYC. We're meeting at the Turtle Bay Grill at 987 Second Ave. (between 52nd & 52rd streets). We have a hotel that is close to that so we'll meet at the bar from 7-9 and then head over to the hotel room. We still haven't determined exactly what type of after-hours event we'll be hosting, so let us know ASAP if you're interested in attending and participating.

Boston   -    June 22nd    -    Meet Location: MicKee's Sports Pub

OK, and we finally secured a spot in the Boston area. We went outside the city because it was just too damn expensive. Hopefully you guys won't mind the drive. We're meeting at a place called MicKee's Sports Pub. We couldn't resist because our favorite bar here in town is McKee's Pub. It's located at 512 Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica, MA. We will be there from 7-9 and then heading off to a nearby hotel.

Another cool feature for this year's SlutQuest is the Oasis SlutQuest Erotica. Each day of our trip will now come with a story written by Oasis! It may be events that happened that day, a base of truth but embellished into a greater story, or completely fantasy on what Oasis wished had happened. Either way, it promises to be a good read. The stories will appear here after that day on the tour, so stay tuned!

SlutQuest 2006 Erotica by Oasis

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