We host parties all year long that we invite YOU, the slut-fan to attend. And you could even get to bang our sluts! We have a regular schedule of parties, plus several new parties that pop up each year. Check out a few of our previous promo pages for past events...

[Spring Break] [SlutQuest 2006] [Porn on the 4th of July '04]
[SlutFest 2004] [Memorial Day '05] [Porn on the 4th of July '05]

Our scheduled events look a bit like this:

  • Jan
  • Every January we start the year off with a lot of sex at the Internext Convention in Vegas. We always have our resident slut, Oasis, with us and we're always looking for fans who want to fuck the shit out of her. Basically it's a three day event and we party the entire time, either one-on-one with fans or in groups for gangbangs.

    January is always our annual "Superbowl GangBang". This has become one of our biggest events of the year. It started out as just a small thing where we invited some friends over to watch the big game. We had our slut dress up as a cheerleader and bring us beers and munchies during the game. We had a football pool and whoever won each quarter got a 5 minute BJ from the slut. After the game we all banged the hell out of her! Since then it's grown to not just friends, but fans of the site as well. Guys show up from all over the U.S. to watch the game with us, compete in the football pool and help us bang the slut after the game!

  • Feb
  • Every February we hit up Mardi Gras. Occasionally Mardi Gras lands in March, but most years it rolls around in February. We take Oasis with us and generally hook up with other sluts. Last year we even hosted a Slut Fest with Oasis and another personal favorite, Victoria, to see who could fuck the most guys while at Mardi Gras! We usually host gangbangs, get crazy in the street and try to see how much dick Oasis can suck in public!
  • Mar-Apr
  • March & April are big Spreak Break times for Lake Havasu. We generally host a big Spring Break party at our house, complete with Wet T-Shirt contest and then lots of college guys banging the sluts. We also get out on the lake to see how many college guys our slut can blow out at Copper Canyon! Every now and then we take her down to Mexic for Spring Break for some fun south of the border!
  • May
  • We always host a 3 day long Slut Weekend in May for Memorial Day Weekend. Generally we rent a boat, allow fans to purchase a slot on the boat and then head out to Copper Canyon. Generally we have a couple of our sluts on the boat that get crazy on the lake! We also host a gangbang or big party with Oasis and any other sluts that happen to be attending. It's always a huge party and always a lot of fun and tons of sex!
  • June
  • We generally don't schedule any large events in June. We use June to get out on the lake with fans of the site and individuals who want to party with Oasis. We have a "Have your own Slut Day with Oasis" type event and guys get to spend the day banging the shit out of Oasis all over town, on the lake, and at her house. Every now and then we'll schedule a larger party, but it's rare for June.
  • July
  • July is always one of our busiest months of the year. We host our annual "Porn on the 4th of July" event every July 4th weekend. It's a 3 day long event where we all get together for BBQ, beers, hanging out in the pool and fucking the shit out of our slut for three days straight! Needless to say she can't walk for a week after this event! We generally have several other sluts attend this event as well. And this past year we also called July an entire Slut Month and basically made our slut fuck strangers/fans all month long! And we went on our first ever Slut Quest!
  • Aug
  • August is generally another slow month for us. Every now and then we host a larger party, but generally we just hit the lake and see what kind of trouble our slut can get in. She likes to meet guys from the site or guys on the lake and suck & fuck them out in public! Occasionally we go to Vegas or Phoenix for a party in August.
  • Sep
  • September is where this whole thing started! Yours truely, the SlutMaster of this site, was born on Sept 16th. During one of my birthdays in a small town in Louisiana we couldn't figure out what to do to celebrate. So I wrote up a piece of erotica called Slut Day where Oasis was my sex slave for the day and had to do anything and anyone I told her, without question! The original erotica is located HERE. Now we celebrate my birthday by again doing our original Slut Day idea...Oasis dresses up however I want (generally as slutty as possible without getting arrested) and I lead her around making her suck and fuck strangers in public!

    September is also our annual Labor Day Slut Weekend. It's very similar to our Memorial Day Slut Weekend in that we get out on the lake, do some BBQ, hang out by the pool and spend the entire weekend fucking our sluts! It's usually huge gangbang and/or orgy action!

  • Oct
  • We always host a big Halloween costume orgy in October. It's one of our favorite parties of the year because there's always so much sex going on and it's fun to witness and be a part of because of all the costumes. You'll see demons fucking angels, maids fucked by trash guys, you name it! And sometimes the sluts don't even know, or care, who they're getting fucked by! Oasis got fucked by some guy in a Scream mask last year and we STILL don't know who it was!

    Sometimes we attend Fantasy Fest in Key West during October. It falls near Halloween and is like Mardi Gras but with better weather and nicer people! We take our slut with us and usually run into several more when we get down there! Fantasy Fest is where we originated the SLUT shirts, including the now-famous one that says FREE BLOWJOBS on the back! Who better to actually give away Free Blowjobs than our resident slut, Oasis! And she always finds guys out on the street to bring back to our hotel to fuck!

  • Nov
  • In November we either take it easy and do more one-on-one parties with fans, or, if we're headed to Louisiana for Thanksgiving then we host a big gangbang or party in Dallas and then another big event in New Orleans. We usually meet up with fans, friends and guests at a bar and then head off to someone's house or our hotel room for some late-night fun.
  • Dec
  • December is generally a very slow month. It's the holidays so everyone is visiting family and not that interested in attending big parties. However, we do have an annual New Years event that always kicks ass. Lots of friends, sluts and fans attend and we break the year in right by having lots of New Year sex!

    These are our main parties that we schedule each year. These are not the ONLY parties, just the ones you can count on for certain dates. We also host a LOT of bar meets across the country with different sluts, plus our regular Slut Days with whatever sluts we can get our cocks on! We travel to different cities hosting gangbangs, bukkakes and more.

    Apply for an Event: If you'd like to attend an upcoming event, please pop over and fill out our Stud Application! These events are always filmed so you have to be OK with cameras and us putting the images on the website. A few events a year, like our Mardi Gras events and Halloween allow for guys to wear masks but otherwise we do not allow it. We also do not allow Oasis to wear condoms during Slut Day events, so if the event you are applying for will be with Oasis you'll need to be OK with bareback sex. There is never a fee for joining these parties and you do not have to be a member. We always need more guys to fuck our sluts. Why not you!

    Event Info via Email: If you'd like to be updated via email on our party schedule, you can join our SlutDay email list. You will receive emails from us and our resident slut, Oasis, with party and event info. We do not sell our lists and you will only receive party information for us and Oasis. If you'd like to join this list, please click JOIN THE OASIS-NEWS EMAIL LIST.

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