Our annual Porn on the 4th of July event is coming up soon, so get your applications in now! Last year was another outstanding year with 3 days of gangbanging Oasis and other great fun. We expect this year to be our best yet.

Fri, July 1st is our hospitality night. We'll be greeting guests and getting everyone comfortable for the weekend. It's free-form as to what will be going on, but it looks like we're going to go bar hopping and try to party it up a little bit to start the weekend out right! If you're coming in on Fri night we'll give you a cell number to reach us and you can meet us at whatever bar we happen to be at when you arrive.

Sat, July 2nd is our first day on the lake. We will be gathering up on the boat around 11am and getting out to Copper Canyon for a day of fun on the lake! For those of you who haven't been on Lake Havasu, just picture "Girls Gone Wild" and then realize you'll be LIVING IT! We'll get off the lake around 5 and back home around 6 for our annual BBQ. And again, if you haven't been to one of our summer parties, then you don't know that the tradiction is, whoever puts on the cook apron and grills the burgers, gets at LEAST a blowjob from the girls! On Memorial Day the cook bent over Oasis and fucked her, right at the grill! After the BBQ we'll start our house party at 8pm. This will be open to all couples and select singles. We will also be filming our gangbang. In the past we've done gangbangs all three days of this event, but this year we will only be doing the main gangbang on Saturday night. So, it will be a house party / gangbang! You will not want to miss this!

Sun, July 3rd is another lake day! We'll be heading out on the lake in our pontoon boat and will again hit up Copper Canyon. Depending on the action and how we feel, we may leave a little earlier on Sunday than we did on Saturday and try to hit up a private cove somewhere for some more private fun! Afterwards we will again BBQ and will host yet another house party on Sunday night. This one will be a smaller event and is geared for the couples and swingers who are not necessarily interested in being in photos, but just want to have a good time. I'm certain that Oasis will be fucking and filming on Sunday night, but just not in a gangbang type atmosphere.

Mon, July 4th is actually going to be a wind-down day. I know, it's the actual holiday, but most of the lake crowd will be headed home and it will be a lazier day than the weekend itself. We will take the boat out again and will probably cruise up to the SandBar or a more private cove and maybe do some smaller partying. Monday night will be a relaxing night with probably only a little bit of shooting/partying.

Boat Info: We will have 8 slots available on the boat for the weekend. The slots will be $100 per person for all 3 days. You can't beat that sort of rental price at any place here in town. That $100 secures your seat on the boat and nothing else. You are responsible for your own drinks and food while on the lake. And it does NOT include sex with any of the sluts that may be on the boat! It simply secures your seat on the boat.

GangBang Info: If you're interested in gangbanging Oasis on Saturday night, here are the details. Guys must be able to be on film and to sign a model release. You will need to bring two forms of ID. Guys must also bring a copy of a recent (within 30 days) HIV test. Oasis will not be gangbanging with condoms, so guys must have the HIV tests. If you're still interested, you should head over to Oasis' Stud Application at pornoasis.com/stud.htm and fill that out and READ THE RULES before sending the application.

House Party: If you're just interested in the house party, here are the details. It is open to all couples and select singles. The select singles will be given priority to those who can be on film and bring an HIV test. But if we have the extra space we will be allowing some singles who can't be on film to come party with us. This does not mean that you'll be getting sex from anyone at the party. It just means you'll be invited to come party with us and if something happens, great, if nothing happens, so be it. It is very difficult for single guys who can't be on camera to come into one of our events and expect to get anything. It does happen, but it happens to the guys who are nice, funny, unassuming, unexpecting and just come to have a good time. If you are not part of the gangbang crew and you come expecting to get laid by one of the girls at the party, you will be sorely disappointed. The house parties are similar to any other type of swing club or swing parties. Couples are allowed to do whatever they want to do. There will be "private" areas where they can play alone or with other couples or singles.

Other Guests/Rules: There will be other couples and other webgirls here besides Oasis. They will have their own set of condom/sex rules that you will need to know. The best way to figure out those rules is to just ask. As April will state in her rules, don't just vulture over any of the girls there...if you're interested in playing, just use the direct approach (but be nice) and then accept the answer. No means No...but you won't know unless you ask! The following will be guests for these parties...and if they have specific rules that we're aware of, they're listed below the photo. FYI: This is not a complete list of the girls who will be here, this is just the webgirls and others who I know have their own set of rules and/or will be shooting photos & filming while here.

Topless April
April's Rules
Kacey's Site

If you have any questions about the weekend's activities, feel free to email myself or Oasis at the following addresses:

Emails: SlutMaster | Slut Oasis